About Us

At nutritionalspirit.com, we look at nutrition, knowing that the journey to Happy Wellness is incredibly individualized. It’s more than remembering to take your vitamins — it’s having access to a variety of affordable, natural products as well as getting the support you need to put them to good use, no matter your diet or health goals. Our mission is to be your go-to source for natural products and knowledge, supporting your journey toward happy wellness.

nutritionalspirit.com started as a passion project. Somewhere I could share my experiences of living an organic and chemical free life wherever possible.

Having an idea and the determination I started my little blog. First, I had all the fantastic support of my friends and family. Then very quickly nutritionalspirit  grew and grew! Every day it gets that little bit bigger and a whole lot better!

Over the past  years, my original little blog has turned into the most incredible journey.