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Are Calories in Pani Puri Good for you?

Do you know about the calories of Panipuri or calories of gol gappe? Read this article it will give you complete information about them. As per a legend, in the Mahabharata, Draupadi created the pani puri

When the Pandava siblings, Draupadi, and their mom Kunti were in a state of banishment in the wake of losing their realm in a round of dice, Kunti gave Draupadi a test. 

It isn’t as unhealthy as different tidbits: Street nourishments around the globe are very undesirable. 

They are a solicitation to either sickness, which, as a rule, remains with an individual for quite a while. Pani puri, then again, isn’t that hazardous to one’s wellbeing.

Nutrition Facts pani puri

Amount Per Serving

Calories 196Calories from Fat 18
% Daily Value*

  • Total Fat 2g3%
     Saturated Fat 0.3g2%
     Polyunsaturated Fat 0.2g
     Monounsaturated Fat 0.3g
  • Sodium 1435mg60%
  • Potassium 327mg9%


  • Total Carbohydrates 38g13%
      Dietary Fiber 3g12%
      Sugars 3g

  • Protein 7g14%
     Vitamin A29%
     Vitamin C18%

Does Pani Pori Have Calories?

Puri is profound fat singed bread produced using unleavened entire wheat flour that began in the Indian subcontinent. 

It is typically presented with an exquisite curry or bhaji, as in puri bhaji, yet may likewise be eaten with sweet dishes. 

Puris are most generally filled in as breakfast and tidbits. It is additionally served at particular or stately functions as a feature of formal ceremonies alongside other food offered in function.

Many people are shocked to realize that Pani Puri can be a cause of high fat calories. The calories in Pani Puri (one piece) are 25. The % Daily Value (DV) reveals how much a supplement in a serving of food add to a regular diet. 

Most nutritionists advise taking 2,000 calories daily for good health. If we calculate daily values for Pani Puri, the procedure is as:

Total fats in one piece of Pani Puri are 1.03g, which means 1% of fats. Out of this, saturated fats are of 0.078g, contributing 0%. Cholesterol is in 0mg contributing 0%. The mass of sodium is 28mg means 1%. The percentage of total carbohydrates is 2% having mass 4.22g and also includes sugar and dietary fibers.

The contribution of protein is 0.49g. Vitamin A and D have 0%, while vitamin C contributes 1% having mass 0.8mg. The percentage of iron is 1% with mass 0.16mg. The contribution of calcium is 0% with mass 3mg.

So from all these values, the daily value for Pani Puri is that the calories in Pani Puri (one piece) are 25 along with 1.03g fat, 4.22 g carbohydrates, and 0.49g Protein.

Despites of calories in Pani Puri, it has many benefits as:

Mouths Rankles Don't Vanish

Suppose you have known about the mouth ulceration of mouth in the wake of eating Pani Puri. 

In that case, it won’t be right, since it is useful in evacuating rankles with sharpness and pudina or acridity in Jaljira, which is found in the jalgira during the mouth ulcers. It occurs. Anyways, it ought not to be eaten in abundance amount.


There is additionally acridity in the advantages of Gol Gappa, which can be freed of. 

Jaljiura with flour ought to be a blend of mint, raw mango, dark salt, dark pepper, ground cumin, and common salt, alongside flour. 

A blend of every one of these things can be expelled in no time flat.

Pani Puri Can Eat Regardless of Whether Heaved

If you are traveling or are in an adjacent room, you can eat it. Even when you are confused, at that point, Pani Puri can work for you. On such occasions, you will eat in any event 4-5 Pani Puris; at that point, it can dispose of the issue of disarray or yank.

Refreshing Mood

In the warmth and singing daylight regularly, individuals are in a condition of stun pained. During this, there is a longing to inundate and drink more water increasingly. 

If you drink water in the wake of drinking 2-4 Pani Puri before drinking water, at that point, you will feel like revive yourself. 

If you are thinking of eating Pani Puri, it will be the best time of the afternoon. Because eating between lunch and evening snacks is not only beneficial but will also keep your digestion active. 

Pani puri can increase the weight by eating in the evening; besides, if you do workouts, do not eat it before or after it. 

In the afternoon, you can eat small 5-6 flour Pani Puri. If you use mung or gram instead of peas in Pani Puri, it will be even more beneficial.

How Many Calories are in a Plate of Pani Puri?

Fast food includes tidbits that are eaten now and again. Nonetheless, the vast majority of us have made these nourishments a staple piece of our eating routine.  

Pani Puri 

1 plate (6 pieces, 475 calories) (12.5 gm fat) = Gardening for 84 minutes

Pani Puri is typically made with a blend of bubbled and pounded potato, boondi, bubbled moong or chana, a zesty/tart chutney and sweet chutney normally made of tamarind and jaggery and, obviously, the puris. 

No focuses on speculating that the puris are deep-fried, as is the boondi, the primary supporter of this dinner’s high-fat substance. 

Aside from this, the other fundamental fixings are boring. Just the moong and the chana add to some measure of protein; however, we don’t generally wind up eating them in adequate amounts to add to enough protein consumption. 

Besides, this isn’t a food of high satiety esteem; you, for the most part, will in the wide gorge, without acknowledging you may wind up devouring 1,000 calories and still not feel full!

There are two types of research about the number of calories in Pani Puri;

According to One Research

If we want to calculate the daily value for one plate of Pani Puri, the procedure is;

The calories in Pani Puri (one plate with five pieces) are 270. The mass of total fats is 12g, contributing 18%. Out of this, saturated fats contribute 8% with mass 1.5g. Trans fat is in 0g. The cholesterol contribution is also 0% with 0mg. 

The Sodium has amount 410mg and contributes 17%. Similarly, the contribution of potassium is 0% with 0mg mass. 

The amount of total carbohydrates is 33g, which contributes 11%. The carbohydrates include sugar 0g and dietary fats 16% with mass 4g. 

The protein contribution is 12% with 6g. Vitamin A, C, and D have a 0% contribution with 0g mass. The contribution of iron is 2%.

So the total amount of calories in Pani Puri is 270 obtained from daily value.

According to 2nd Research

The calories in Pani Puri for a plate of 5 or 6 Pani Puris are 150-180 calories. These records for 5% of a 2000-calorie day by day esteem diet. Day by day esteem (DV) is the number of calories you need in one day. 

The singed mixture, oil, and potatoes represent the vast majority of the calories. Dispensing with potatoes from the filling alone can decrease the carbohydrate level to 80. 

That being stated, bubbled potatoes are genuinely not as terrible as they are described. They are high in fiber and plentiful in potassium, phosphorus, nutrient B-complex, and nutrient C. 

One plate of Panipuri has around 4 grams of fat, out of which 2 grams is immersed fat. Decreasing the fat would require limiting the oil content that the puris are singed in. 

So when you eat Pani Puri, you are devouring 6% of the 65-gram fat DV and 10% of the 20-gram soaked fat DV. 

There is no or exceptionally less cholesterol in Pani Puri. So there is no compelling reason to stress over terrible cholesterol or LDL. 

A plate of Panipuri has 210 milligrams of sodium, for the most part, from the salt. Sodium is required to adjust the liquids in our body, and it assumes a significant job in the expulsion of overabundance carbon dioxide amassed in the body. 

A portion of different advantages of sodium incorporates keeping up ordinary contraction in heart, controlling kidney responses, and encouraging glucose absorption. 

For sound people, the sodium DV level is 2400 milligrams. 5 to 6 Pani Puris spread 9% of the everyday sodium prerequisite.

One presenting with potato filling has 2 grams of protein and 18 grams of starches. 

Pani puri is typically presented with tamarind water or mint water. In Ayurveda, tamarind is ascribed to have properties that guide in processing, assists ease with tolerating distress, lessen circulatory strain, and cholesterol, and it is thriving as a diuretic. The marvel of miracles it additionally helps in weight reduction.

Does Golgappa Increase Weight?

Not at all like treating our taste buds with the tart taste of fresh golgappas. Golgappa or Panipuri is one of the most adored road snacks in the nation. 

Nonetheless, many individuals abstain from swallowing these down because of their severe eating routine plans. 

Yet, imagine a situation where we disclosed to you that you could shed pounds by eating Pani Puris. Indeed! A lip-smacking plate of golgappas can likewise assist you with losing those extra kilos!

The amount calories in gol gappe are high, but if you are on a tight eating routine and need to get thinner immediately, then having a plate of 6 golgappas can help you shed pounds. 

Golgappas are loaded up with tart water in them, and it is very filling. You feel full in the wake of having a plate of Panipuri and don’t want to eat for the following scarcely any hours. 

It is a delicious supper and encourages you to shed pounds as well. Alongside having calories in golgappas, you can begin working out or take a walk regularly. 

A great deal of nutritionists proposes that Panipuri can help you get in shape yet if you expend those readied at home. 

At home, you can get ready wheat puris and cook them in less oil. Then again, you can utilize cumin or jaljeera as the water rather than the sweet water. 

Solid stuffings like chana or moong dal can make it considerably more beneficial. In this way, despite the presence of calories in gol gappas, these can use to reduce fat.

Here are some more tips that can help you get in shape while you appreciate a plate of your most loved golgappas;

  • Abstain from having meetha chutney in the golgappas.
  • Rather than going for improved water or meetha pani, attempt khatta/pudhina water. A few merchants additionally offer an assortment of golgappa Pani Choices like hing, ajwain, or jeera. You can attempt these as they are likewise stomach related alternatives.
  • Instead of going for a potato stuffing in your golgappa, go for chana or moong sprouts stuffing, which are more beneficial and will add to the wellbeing remainder of the golgappas?
  • Take a stab at keeping away from sooji puris and go for atta puris.
  • By following these tips, golgappas become healthy for us even if calories in golgappas are high.

Safe Number of Pani Puris to Have While on Weight Reduction

You can have six little gol gappas as a feast for noon. When your desires for gol gappas are fulfilled, prefer to have a salt-free eating regimen around evening. 

A bowl of papaya and an apple followed by low-fat milk later is advised. These assists take with offing water maintenance. 

Make the most of your cheat day on a fiery note; however, make a point to run this little rendezvous with your dietician once. 

On the off chance that you are touchy to gluten or on a sans gluten diet, at that point, you can’t have gol gappas or Panipuri. 

People with an instance of hypertension are likewise prompted not to eat chaat things because of the measure of salt present in it. 

In any case, no concerns, you could make your pani puri at home subbing amchur for salt!

Constituent Changes for Weight Loss Healthy Pani Puris

  • No meetha chutney or improved water
  • Overdose of jaljeera or teekha water rather than the conventional pani puri water   
  • Decide on chana or moong based stuffing
  • On the off chance that conceivable pay extraordinary mind to prepared entire wheat puris. If you can’t resist, pick little puris to set aside on superfluous vitality.
Despite calories in golgappa are more enough; still, it is healthy food. It helps to reduce weight and make the heart and stomach, work properly. 


As we live a busy life, we have to work the whole day and sometimes at night. In such a busy life, it is essential to have a healthy diet that gives us enough energy to do our duties. 

A healthy diet contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins in the proper amount suggested by nutritionists. Pani Puri is a portion of spicy food, and its ingredients seem to be harmful to health. 

And there are many calories in Pani Puri. But if we see the overall effect of Pani Puri on health, it is not unhealthy and helps to maintain our health. 

It helps to reduce weight and also essential for the proper functioning of the heart, stomach, and kidneys. So, we can enjoy Pani Puri without getting too fat.

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