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Are Mushrooms Keto Friendly?

Mushrooms are a balance food that finds their way into almost any type of diet. They can be extremely flexible and are usually regarded as an excellent alternative to meat based products.

If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you may be wondering if you can eat mushrooms and the types of vegetables that will be allowed.


The Ketogenic diet explained:

Under the Ketogenic diet, your goal will be to typically eat a high-fat and adequate protein diet. One of the main marks of the ketogenic diet is to choose a low-carb hydrate diet that forces your body to burn fats and proteins for energy rather than the carbohydrates that you are consuming. 

The keto diet has merits for people with diabetes, for weight loss, for helping to control epilepsy and more. The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity and it’s likely that you have seen many recipes online for keto friendly food. 

The diet works by placing your body in a state of ketosis. This state of ketosis will occur when you limit your carbohydrate intake. With lower levels of kernel hydrates inside your body the fats that you store are converted into ketones that fuel your body. 

As the fats in your body are being reduced, this will lead to faster weight loss, improved levels of energy and eventually a drop in food cravings. 

People on ketogenic diets can often consume higher fat items and proteins as their primary diet source. 

Safe foods for consumption on the ketogenic diet include things like fish and seafood, low carb veggies, cheese, avocados, berries, nuts, eggs, poultry and more. 

The ketogenic diet will often mean giving up items like bread, grains, starchy vegetables, and sugars. 

The body requires a very regulated diet to maintain ketosis. Once you have been dedicated to a ketogenic diet, you will need to avoid some of the restricted foods or your body will stop burning the fats and proteins that you are consuming to produce the ketosis effect. (1) (2) (3)


How long can you do the keto diet?

Most health experts would recommend sticking to the keto diet for between 3 to 6 months at maximum. 

After this amount of time it’s wise to consider cycling in some carbohydrates to maintain a balanced diet. 

You can continue to cycle in and out of the diet throughout the year to maintain your weight and to enjoy the added energy and health effects on the keto diet. 

There is very little evidence to suggest that there are downsides to this type of eating over time as long as you would consider taking a supplement to maintain a proper bodily balance.


Is a mushroom allowed on a keto diet?

As the keto diet is intended to introduce items which are low in carbs and often low in calories, it’s important to look for vegetables and items in your diet that can satisfy the conditions of the diet. 

Mushrooms fall into a category as keto friendly because they contain just 16 cal and 1 cup, 2 g of whole fat, zero cholesterol, low amounts of sodium, low amounts of carbs and a decent protein rating. 

White mushrooms have just 2.3 grams of carbs per cup making them very keto friendly. 

Mushroom nutrition can be an excellent alternative to some of your meat based dishes and it is an excellent way to add balance into a keto diet. (4)


Mushrooms for a balanced diet:

Mushrooms have been picked for thousands of years and used in a variety of dishes and health remedies. 

There is evidence dating back to the Egyptians on the value of mushrooms. Chinese dynasties also used mushrooms in medicine. 

Mushrooms are filled with nutrients and they can be an excellent part of a balanced diet. Introducing mushrooms into your diet provides:

  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B1
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Antioxidants
  • Selenium
  • And Niacin

Because of the added levels of fiber in mushrooms, they can present an added benefit to people on the ketogenic diet. Many people experience digestion problems in their early days on the ketogenic diet. 

Having dishes that contain some fiber can promote better blood pressure control and expedite weight loss. 

Dietary fiber throughout the ketogenic diet will help you to maintain your regular digestion and minimize bloating and discomfort throughout the diet.  

The antioxidants and selenium can also be an important factor for improving your immune system functions during the early stages of the diet. 

Many people can develop the keto flu which can make the early days of the diet difficult. 

Adding mushrooms into your diet early on can help to protect immune system functions and ensure that the added weakness you are experiencing does not lead to a compromised immune system and the chance for developing a real flu or cold.

Are Mushrooms high in carbs?

Mushrooms are very low in calories and carbohydrates and this makes them the perfect addition to your ketogenic diet. 

Raw mushrooms often make an excellent candidate for a keto friendly dietary snack, but not many people would prefer to simply eat raw mushrooms. 

Below, we have included a series of recipes which are keto friendly and great for use with mushrooms.

Mushroom recipes.

Italian cheese stuffed mushrooms:
Hollow out portabello mushroom caps, fill them up with cheese and then bake them in the oven to produce a quality keto snack or main course that is filling, keto friendly and extremely delicious.


Sliced Portabello chips:
Cut up a portabello mushroom cap into thein slices. Toss them in oil and a bit of salt or your favourite spices. 

Place on a parchment sheet at 450 on the top rack for 10-15 minutes and you should produce an excellent chip alternative. 

As you won’t be able to eat chips on the keto diet, producing a potato chip alternative can the an excellent way to satisfy your cravings and also have access to a new dish that isn’t something like jerky or pork rinds. 

This is a vegetarian and keto friendly solution that can keep your carbs in check while changing the flavour of mushrooms into something totally new.


Roasted mushrooms:
Roasting mushrooms in butter and fresh flavouring can be a wonderful way to enjoy keto at its fullest. 

Clean and place mushrooms into a roasting pan and then spice them with your favourite ingredients. Pour over melted butter and cook the mushrooms at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes. 

This will roast them to perfection and give you the perfect filling keto friendly meal out of mushrooms. 

You could also consider placing the mushrooms in foil on the BBQ if you would like to enjoy a smokier taste. 

This can be a great way to unlock more flavors in your mushrooms or even meal prep a large amount of mushrooms for snacking later on.

One of the best types of mushrooms for a keto diet:

There are almost limitless varieties of mushrooms to choose from for your recipes. Almost all will be low in calories but there are certain types of mushrooms which are considered lower in calories than others. 

Some of the best varieties of mushrooms which are low in calories are from Japan. They are thinner and they are common in items like soups. 

The Shimeji mushroom is a small white mushroom which is known for being common in Japan as well as extremely low in its calories. 

They have roughly 2g of net carbs in 100g and this is even lower than the white mushroom varieties that you would commonly find at the grocery store. 

Although these mushrooms do take a bit more prep work because they are small, they can be a nutrient rich and low carb solution that you could add into your favourite recipes for mushrooms. 

Exploring some different types of mushrooms can be an excellent way that you can enjoy some more flavour creations in your recipes and get more tastes into your diet if you are on keto. 

Branching out to a local market can be a great way to boost your recipes and find other low carb mushrooms.


As well as being a keto friendly item, Mushrooms can be an important part of your diet. With the added vitamins and nutrients that mushrooms can provide, you can see a wealth of immune system and long term health benefits. 

With the added fiber and the improvements that you can see on the ketogenic diet, these are also a staple that you should strongly consider for inclusion. 

Mushrooms can make for an excellent snack or a full meal if you are interested in finding some alternatives to meat and fats. 

Standard mushrooms on their own can be quite boring but when you decide to roast them and prepare them differently, mushrooms can become extremely versatile and perhaps even something that you will crave. 

If you are considering some keto friendly recipies to change things up or you would simply enjoy some more balance for your keto diet, consider mushrooms as an item to add into your keto diet today.

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