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Black grapes carbs, weight loss and more

Black grapes aren’t exactly black; they are deep purple. One example of them would be the concord grape. 

This is commonly used for grape juice and grape jelly. Some types of grapes have seeds, the concord is one of them. Some don’t have seeds.

Carbs in black grapes

There are fourteen grams of carbs in one serving of black grapes. Those on a low carb diet often skip this fruit for that reason. 

However, the grapes have many more benefits, which make it a good choice for most diets. (1) (2) (3)


Black seedless grape calories

There are sixty calories in black seedless grapes. Ninety three percent of the calories are from carbs. 

A serving of black seedless grapes is ninety grams, so it is less than one calorie per gram. That is one of the reasons it is good for dieters

Is black grapes good for weight loss?

The answer to that question is that it depends. If you are on a low carb diet for weight loss, then the answer is no. 

With the carb ratio, it would not fit on a low carb diet. However, for other weight loss diets, it is something to consider.

There are a number of health benefits to black seedless grapes. In fact, although black is the best, it is true for all grapes. 

They are safe enough for diabetics to have them in moderation and are chock full of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins in black grapes: Grapes have Vitamins A, C and K. The minerals are trace amounts of sodium and calcium, plus potassium and iron. 

These vitamins are part of what makes them so good for us. There are other things in grapes that help as well.


Are black seedless grapes high in sugar?

Yes, they are. The reason they shouldn’t be part of a low carb diet is because that sugar is straight glucose. 

To stay in a state of ketosis, glucose is not something to add in. The muscles prefer glucose for fuel and will switch to it over fat.

But wait; didn’t you say it was all right for diabetics? Yes, diabetics do have to be careful with sugars, but grapes have resveratrol. 

This is something that may help keep the disease in check. Studies suggest that it could increase insulin sensitivity; something diabetics struggle with.

For them it is important to keep the serving to one, as eating too many could cause a sugar spike. It would also be wise to check with the doctor before adding them to the diet. If he or she has prescribed resveratrol, it may be too much.

There are other benefits to resveratrol when it comes to diabetes. It may improve the function of pancreatic beta cells. These are the cells that produce insulin, which in turn moderates sugar levels.

Grapes also have a mean glycemic index. This is good because diabetics do better with low to medium level foods on that index. It is better for gut health. 

Mean, in this case, means medium level. Due to the other benefits, it is an acceptable food choice.

What other benefits to black seedless grapes have?

Heart health: There are at least two compounds in grapes, particularly dark colored grapes that are good for heart health. Resveratrol is one, but the other is phenolic compounds. 

These can also be found in the juice, red wine and other applications of dark skinned grapes.

What it does is reduce platelets in the blood. For some, that is not a good thing but for heart patients it is. 

Platelets form clots and these clots can lead to a fatal heart attack if they develop in veins or arteries. 

The anti-platelet effect can help reduce clots and reduce mortality when it comes to heart attacks. (4


Cancer prevention: This is a maybe, but it has been vastly researched. The reason for the previous statement is that it can be iffy to write about something that helps in the fight against cancer. The USFDA has to approve the statement and they haven’t yet.

There are a bunch of constituents in grapes that may help in this fight. The fighting power of resveratrol comes into play; it has shown promise in preventing colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer. 

It is often used in combination with conventional cancer treatments.The other chemicals are quercetin, proanthocyanidins, catechin, and anthocyanins. 

In fact, one research study was done mixing the catechins found in green tea with those found in black seedless grapes. The research shows some promise. (5) (6) (7)


Brain function: As you may have guessed by now, resveratrol plays a role in brain function. It not only may help relieve mood disorders, it may also help reduce age related brain function loss. 

For migraine sufferers, grapes contain a great deal of riboflavin, which may help mitigate the pain.


Eyes: This is one benefit that doesn’t come from resveratrol. It comes from lutein and zeaxanthin. Here is one of the benefits. 

Studies done on populations at large show that those who live in the Mediterranean region have the fewest cataracts. This is often an age related thing.

What is the main difference in this region? Grapes and wine are a mainstay in the diet… among other healthy foods. Grapes are rich in antioxidants, which are needed to prevent cataracts and other problems. 

That is one reason those of us who write about diet tend to promote the Mediterranean diet heavily.


May strengthen bones: Osteopenia and osteoporosis are two major concerns of older people. While the condition strikes women more often than men, both suffer. 

Finding means to promote bone strength is highly important, as breaking bones later in life can have a fatal result.

Trusty resveratrol may come in handy for this. While calcium and magnesium are requirements, resveratrol has shown some promise for helping with this serious health problem. 

This research is still in its infancy, so it would be wise to follow the research over time.


Anti-inflammatory: There are a lot of reasons to look for anti-inflammatories outside of over the counter NSAIDS. All of the pills have downsides to them when taken over time or if too much is taken. However, inflammation is part of many diseases.

Grapes have constituents that may help fight inflammation. They include flavans, anthocyanins, flavonols, and stilbenes. All of these chemicals can help reduce the pain and swelling of many conditions. 

Arthritis is one of the conditions this is thought to help a great deal. Food is thought to both help and cause problems, especially if the condition is rheumatoid arthritis. Grapes are on the “make it better” side.

Another inflammatory condition that most of us will deal with at some point in our lives is hemorrhoids. They are caused by swelling in and on the veins of the anus or in the rectum. These veins can protrude from the area and could also cause bleeding.

Many things can help hemorrhoids. While topical applications are the usual course of action, grapes can have a positive affect when eaten. They can reduce the swelling, thus making the veins return to a more normal size.


Sleep aid: This is an area that needs a good bit more research. Trouble sleeping is becoming more of a problem, especially as concerns over Covid-19 increase. 

Lack of sleep can lead to several serious health problems. In fact, it may increase the risk of dying in a car crash significantly.

Sleep aids abound, but one in particular may be healthier than others. That is melatonin. Eating foods rich in melatonin can help to improve sleep greatly. 

Grapes and wine contain this micronutrient and could be a healthy, sleep inducing bedtime snack.


Longevity: Going back to resveratrol, studies have shown that animals (including humans) that consume foods high in this chemical tend to live longer lives. 

It does this by stimulating something in our bodies called sirtuins; which are linked to a longer life span.


Covid-19: This virus is a scary reminder that modern science hasn’t licked all of the diseases nature can throw at us. 

It is more deadly than the flu and it leaves survivors with lifelong health issues. It can destroy the lungs and leave the heart in bad shape.

One of the medications that have been found to be useful in the fight against this disease is resveratrol. It may play a role both in prevention and in treating the virus. 

This fight is still so new, we don’t know for certain, but skipping high fat foods and eating grapes may be a wise choice.

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Necessary information

The word “may” is in this article a great deal. That is because the USFDA has not approved any of the statements in the article. Other countries might have done so, but the writer is US based and has to comply with the laws of the country.

When deciding on a weight loss plan, it is advisable to talk to your doctor and pharmacist. There are a lot of diets out there and choosing the right one could make the difference between success and failure. There are also times when one diet needs to be switched with another one.

As an example, those who are severely to morbidly obese may be put on a low carb diet at first. It is the safest way to burn fat quickly, which is needed under those conditions. However, it is still not the safest diet available.

Once weight has been lost to the point where it can be done by calorie restriction and exercise, the doctor will most likely switch the diet to a more conventional one. That is because low carb diets can be very hard on the heart, liver and kidneys.

Before adding a new food to the diet, particularly if there are already underlying health conditions, consult your doctor and pharmacist. Grapes have side effects and interactions that need to be studied. They are considered likely safe in food amounts.

That doesn’t always mean safe. Interactions include things such as warfarin, which is an anti-platelet medication. It also interacts with medications changed by the liver and phenacetin. The amount eaten is going to be a deciding factor, but consultation will prevent problems.

It should be noted that eating a large quantity of grapes can have a somewhat unpleasant side effect. Diarrhea is not uncommon when grapes are overeaten. It’s also possible when a large amount of grape juice is consumed. All things in moderation.

The information on Covid-19 is relatively new. However, it will not be a guarantee of protection against the virus. It is best to follow all of the instructions about avoiding the disease. Those include social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing.

If you are vehemently anti-mask, consider this from the perspective of those of us with a compromised immune system. Sure, you may survive… but who would you kill in the process? 

Those who have mood issues may require medical treatment for them. Grapes may not be enough to deal with them. This is particularly true when many of us are stuck at home without our normal social activities. If the mood issue is a problem, talk to your doctor.

This same advice goes for sleep. It may seem like a paltry problem, but science is finding all kinds of health problems that arise when there isn’t adequate sleep. Most people require a minimum of seven hours per night.

A study in Japan found that women who slept six and a half hours or less per night on a regular basis had a higher risk for breast cancer. Lack of sleep can also cause problems with the heart and the brain.

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