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Calcium Pyruvate Benefits- and what should you know

Have you ever heard of calcium pyruvate? If not, now is the time to learn all about its many health benefits. 

It might just be your key to unlocking your weight loss potential, maintaining a healthy metabolism, and achieving a host of other health benefits. 

What is calcium pyruvate?

Calcium pyruvate is a chemical compound naturally produced by your body to break down glucose and starch, which can then be converted to energy. 

It is produced in a process called glycolysis in which the body breaks down glucose and carbohydrates to create fuel for your daily activities. 

People worldwide have discovered its ability to promote weight loss, and they have shared their success with the world. As a result, calcium pyruvate has become a popular weight loss supplement that offers a variety of other health benefits.

Other names for calcium pyruvate include, but are not limited to, Alpha-Keto acid, sodium pyruvate, pyruvic acid, potassium pyruvate, pyruvate de creatine, and pyruvate de magnesium. 

What are the benefits of calcium pyruvate?

Perhaps the most commonly known of the various calcium pyruvate benefits are its ability to promote weight loss and enhance your metabolism. People worldwide understand the impact of taking this supplement to boost the body’s natural ability to burn fat and metabolize sugar.

Calcium pyruvate may offer anti-inflammatory benefits and have a positive impact on bone health as well. Research indicates that adding calcium pyruvate to a low-calorie diet could even have a positive impact on your intestinal health. 

Additionally, research is underway to determine the benefits that calcium pyruvate offers for your:

  • Vision. Protects your eyes from long-term deterioration and helps prevent cataracts.
  • Blood sugar. Breaks down the glucose (sugar) in your system, and research indicates that it may also promote healthy glucose utilization and be useful as an effective treatment for improving cognitive function after issues with hypoglycemia.
  • Heart health. Promotes a healthy heart function by lowering cholesterol, decreasing hypertension, improving recovery after heart surgery, and reducing the impact of heart failure. 
  • Exercise performance. Improves your energy levels and helps you combat fatigue. 
  • Exercise outcomes. Improves your ability to build and retain muscles. 
  • Healthy skin. Smooths out your skin to improve texture, decrease wrinkles, reduce flaky skin, and minimize dark spots on your skin. 
  • Immune system function. Activates and boosts your immune system. 
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Improves lung function when used as a regular part of a lung treatment program.
  • Alcohol-related liver disease. Enhances liver function in people who suffer from health issues due to alcohol abuse. 

It is important to note that calcium pyruvate still needs to be studied to understand these benefits as well as the effectiveness of its impact on weight loss and metabolism. 

For example, some research found inconclusive results based on the study of its impacts on both diet and exercise in various groups. 

However, many people have achieved their weight loss goals once they add calcium pyruvate supplements to their daily routine. 

Therefore, you are taking the right steps by researching calcium pyruvate to decide if its right for you. 


How much calcium pyruvate do I need every day?

As part of a healthy diet, you should not experience issues with consuming too much calcium pyruvate. 

However, if you choose to take supplements, you should be careful not to take too much for too long. 

There has been little research into the impact of taking calcium pyruvate over long periods of time, especially in larger quantities. 

Additionally, some people have experienced gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and bloating, as a result of taking too much calcium pyruvate. 

Other people report elevated levels of LDL (“bad” cholesterol), headaches, muscle weakness, or even an allergic reaction such as hives after taking calcium pyruvate. 

If you choose to take calcium pyruvate, you should consider taking these supplements with food, rather than on an empty stomach, and drinking a full glass of water with each supplement. 

If you experience an allergic reaction, stop taking the supplements immediately and contact your physician. 

How do I increase my calcium pyruvate intake?

Calcium pyruvate is commonly found in cheese, apples, red wine, and dark beer. However, the amount of calcium pyruvate found in foods is quite low, so it is unlikely to be enough to make a significant impact on your health.  

Because it is most commonly used today for its fat-burning abilities, most people take supplements to enhance their ability to lose weight. 

Some people also use calcium pyruvate on their skin as a topical cream to help reduce aging or as a pyruvic acid peel on a weekly basis to achieve clear, healthy skin.

What happens if I consume too much calcium pyruvate? 

To achieve the maximum benefit from calcium pyruvate, many people want to take high doses each day – but this supplement must be taken with caution. 

It does not have a recommended daily intake amount, but typical doses can range from 2 to 44 grams. You should consider starting with a low dose and increase only to the extent to which you are comfortable. 

There is little evidence that taking large doses of calcium pyruvate leads to significant long-term health concerns, but you must exercise a level of caution as there’s still significant research to be conducted in regard to this natural compound.

Is calcium pyruvate right for me?

Unfortunately, there are no clinical guidelines that can answer this question for you. 

However, if you are looking for a quick fix to decrease your body fat, improve your symptoms of diabetes, boost the impact of your exercise regimen, lose weight, achieve healthy skin, or realize any of the other potential health benefits, there is significant research indicating that it just may be a logical aid to help you achieve your health goals. 

While calcium pyruvate may not provide you with the fast satisfaction that you’re looking for, it may be just what you needed to support your health journey.

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