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Can I take Turmeric for weight loss? Here how turmeric can help you

Turmeric is also known as the golden spice and it has been made popular in a variety of cooking across Asian culinary culture. 

It’s also become a traditional addition to Indian medicine or ayuverda over millennia. 

Turmeric has health properties that are related to its active ingredient curcumin. This is a compound that has very strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

As many people have been taking Turmeric as a medicine for years, it’s only been recently that studies have suggested that Turmeric is more than just a wellness supplement, it can adjust metabolisms and lead to weight loss. 

For people that have struggled with diet plans and metabolism adjustments in the past it possible that regularly taking some of these supplements could lead to an active improvement in you day to day lives.

Turmeric active ingredients:

The main active ingredients in turmeric include Curcumin and this is often what people are looking for when they are examining a supplement. 

The Curcumin is responsible for suppressing a series of inflammatory markers that are shown to play a role in changing our metabolism. 

As there are markers that can be present in people that regularly carry excess weight, turmeric can be extremely beneficial for enhancing sensitivity to insulin and changing these markers. 

In studies related to obese patients regularly taking turmeric, it was indicated that an 800 mg dose of curcumin with at least 8 mg of piperine, twice a day could lead to a significant reduction in BMI and overall hip and waist circumference.

The active ingredient Piperine is commonly included in many turmeric supplements. 

The addition of this compound is to improve the absorption rate of curcumin. Adding in this black pepper compound improves the absorption rate by up to 2000% and this can lead to rapid results.

Culinary Turmeric Vs Supplements:

It is likely you may have had turmeric in dishes before or even cooked with it off of your spice rack. 

You can often use this spice in a variety of dishes and it can be beneficial for adding into your diet.

If you’re not going to be regularly cooking with turmeric, taking a supplement can be a much more beneficial way that you can generate improvements for yourself. 

Culinary turmeric is great but choosing a supplement will give you access to turmeric that also contains a pepper additive and items that are designed to help you with absorbtion. 

Supplements will ensure that you get a larger dose and they are designed to be a bit less expensive as well. Because Turmeric for culinary requirements needs to have specific flavour profiles, it is often cultivated from very rare sources of the root. 

Medical grade Turmeric is available in a much greater supply and this can make sure you can have access to the best in a product to improve your health. 


Turmeric and curcumin are widely considered safe and many short-term research studies would suggest that daily doses of curcumin poses very little risk to your health. 

People that regularly take large doses of the compound can begin to experience some adverse effects with relation to stomach pain, constipation, skin rash or allergic reactions. 

Turmeric also hinders our ability to clot blood which can be particularly problematic for people that suffer from bleeding disorders. 

Asking your doctor before you start taking supplements with turmeric can be a wise idea if you have a history of haemophilia or other bleeding disorders. 

Curcumin can also interact with a series of antibiotics, anticoagulants and chemo drugs.

Turmeric also has a tendency to interact with diabetes medications and cause blood sugar to be more difficult to manage especially on the lower end. 

When using insulin and turmeric together, it can be more difficult for a patient to regularly manage their blood sugar over time and keep their dose of insulin at the right levels. 

Iron: Turmeric can work to hinder the absorption of iron so people that experience low iron may want to avoid it as a supplement.

Kidney stones: Oxalates are compounds found in turmeric which can bind to calcium molecules in the body which may lead to a larger number of kidney stones forming. 

There have also been no long term studies on the effects of turmeric for pregnant or women breastfeeding so it may be wise to consider avoiding these supplements if you are going to be nursing or carrying a child. 

Always be sure to speak to your doctor before you consider taking Turmeric.

How much turmeric should I take to lose weight?

Most days would recommend taking at least 800mg worth of curcumin each day in order to experience the maximum benefits of Turmeric. 

Most of the time, taking a 500 mg dose of turmeric supplements at each meal will provide you with the benefits that you need to adjust your metabolism. 

Unless you’re taking a highly potent supplement, you will need to dose with turmeric a few times a day because it’s fairly fast clearing. 

Maintaining your healthy metabolism and making sure to you keep on with your doses is best done when you make an effort at your meal times. 

Digesting turmeric with a meal will also improve your absorption rates.

How to take Turmeric:

Turmeric can be used in many forms and the most common way that people add it into their diet is through cooking spice. 

Turmeric can also be enjoyed in items like tea and mixed in with water or milk. Turmeric ginger tea and golden milk is a popular drink that includes ginger, honey, olive oil and coconut oil heated with a cinnamon powder and turmeric. 

More benefits of turmeric can be delivered through curcumin supplments or extracts as these can be crafted for their potency and absorption rate. 

Taking a larger dose of supplements when you first start with turmeric can be wise but it is not advised for you to take the larger dose over 2-3 months as this can be potentially dangerous to your health. 

As there have been no long term studies related to long term turmeric use, it is wise to consider using the supplements in higher doses and then cutting back to the recommended 800 mg throughout the day.

What happens when I drink Turmeric water every day?

Turmeric can be dissolved in water or added into a tea and this is a popular way that many people choose to take it daily. 

To make a turmeric tea start by pouring 1-2 cups of water into the kettle and adding in a dash of the spice. For extra flavour you can also add in cinnamon or honey. 

Wait for the mixture to boil and then stir it well as you pour it into the cup. Wait to drink the tea after it has cooled down to its lukewarm state. 

Turmeric water or tea will be a beneficial way that you can adjust your metabolism and it is an easy integration with your favourite meals. 

It can have hydration benefits and give you a hot tea that can help with your voice, congestion and more. 

For turmeric water to have a benefit for your weight loss, you will also need to focus on your diet and exercise routine as well. 

Turmeric is not an absolute miracle worker, it will only work with the diet that you have and the type of food that you eat. 

If you are the type of person that will regularly eat a poor diet, you cannot expect turmeric to quicikly reverse your habits overnight.

Does Turmeric milk reduce weight?

Turmeric milk can be another helpful tool for weight loss. The process for using turmeric milk can be somewhat similar to using the tea. 

It starts by having you heating the milk for 6-7 minutes over the stove top and then pouring the heated milk into a glass. 

Add in your turmeric powder and you can also consider adding in cinnamon for flavour. Stir the mix well and make sure that the powder is able to completely dissolve in the mixture before you drink it.

Turmeric milk can help you to reduce weight just like any supplement or tea. You will need to take it regularly at meal times and make sure that the quality of the turmeric that you are using in the milk can be high. 

By measuring the ideal potency and making sure that you are getting a good dose of turmeric throughout the day, you can check to see if you will be getting the maximum benefits from your turmeric.

ginger turmeric, image

Does Ginger Turmeric Help Lose weight?

Ginger and turmeric are often combined because they can have some excellent benefits together. 

Ginger and turmeric are quite popular in herbal medicine because they have been used for millennia. 

Both ginger and turmeric can bring about improvements for the body. They can help to fight off pain, inflammation, illness, infection, nausea and more. 

Ginger and turmeric can help you to lose weight with their anti inflammatory benefits and their ability to adjust metabolic processes.

Ginger and turmeric can be perfect for controlling cravings during dieting as well as making sure that people that struggle with obesity can have a useful supplement for managing their metabolism as they start to lose weight. 

Ginger root is taken most effectively in doses of 1500-2000mg each day. Turmeric is best taken in at least 800 mg doses each day. 

Mixing together these ingredients in a tea can be an excellent way that you can maximize your results.

Ginger shots can also be a beneficial tool to get your dose. Brewing ginger root, turmeric and fresh greens together into a shoot smoothie can be a great way to improve your health benefits while accessing a massive number of benefits. 

Adding ginger and turmeric together into curries can be another way to boost your dosage while eating a healthy meal. 

When used together, turmeric and ginger can be highly beneficial for improving immune functions, improving weight loss, reducing inflammation, improving immune functions and managing pain and nausea. 

The easiest way to combine the two into a tea comes with ginger, cinnamon and turmeric with a dash of pepper. 

Start by boiling water, then reduce heat to a lower simmer adding in ginger root, turmeric, honey and lemons. 

Strain out the lemons from the tea and enjoy it when it reaches a lukewarm temperature.

Bottom line on using turmeric:

Adding turmeric as a supplement to your diet can be widely beneficial. You can see numerous benefits to your health starting with weight loss benefits and moving towards improvements for your heart and brain health. 

The active compounds found in the root are completely safe for humans to use and they are highly beneficial when used for their intended purpose.

Because turmeric is a food additive, you can choose to cook with it, brew tea with it or take it as a capsule supplement. 

Getting creative can make sure you are getting a dose of this fast clearing compound throughout your day and in an amount that will make a difference for you. 

By choosing to use turmeric you will be joining in a long line of ancient medicines that have used the spice before. 

This is an excellent way to promote natural healing with minimal side effects and maximum benefits for your health.

If you are tired of using chemical weight loss aids or you are just looking to jumpstart your metabolism, adding turmeric into your daily routine can be an excellent start for improving your weight loss journey. 

If you would like to see the best new supplements that you can consider for dosing, check out the table above to get the best turmeric for your needs.

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