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How Collagen Supplements Can Help You Improve Your Health.

Collagen Peptides Side Effects

Collagen supplements are everywhere, amino acids are becoming big business because the human body makes good use of it to build bones, muscles, connective tissue, hair, cartilage and more. 

Every morning you tend to wake up to the latest post of your favorite wellness blogger about adding collagen peptides to everything from their morning coffee to evening smoothies, and it leaves you wondering how effective this is and their unknown side effects.

They’re rich in a number of amino acids and it is the most abundant protein in humans, land and sea animals. Collagen peptides are located mostly in connective tissues such as; ligaments, skin, tendons, and joints.

Not only could collagen be found in the body, but they’re also available in powdered form for food supplements because it’s been broken down into individual amino acids and peptides to make absorption easier for the body. 

Before we look into any of the side effects this peptide might have, it is important you have a knowledge of the potential benefits of collagen supplements and according to researchers, these benefits have been proven countless times. Some of them include:

Improved Skin Health

Collagen is a major part of your skin and it plays a significant role in strengthening, hydrating, moisturizing and maintaining it’s elasticity.

 The thing here is this, as you age, your body tends to produce less collagen, which therefore causes wrinkles and dry skin. But, this is where the collagen peptides come in, it helps to slow aging, reduce dryness and wrinkles.

Joint Pain Relief

A study has it that collagen helps to maintain your cartilage protecting the joints. As the human body ages and collagen decreases, the joints become susceptible to disorders like osteoarthritis. 

Now, collagen supplements come into the picture and help to reduce joint pain and improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Heart Health

It is naturally found in your smooth muscle cells and blood vessels which helps to carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body. Without this supplement,

 the arteries might become too fragile and weak. This may lead to heart diseases, heart attack and stroke sometimes. Collagen plays a big role in cardiovascular health.

It Prevents Bone Loss

The collagen in the human body makes up majority of the bone structure and helps keep the bone very strong, but as the body ages, 

the production of this collagen slows down drastically which makes the bones weak and unhealthy conditions like osteoporosis develops. At this time collagen supplements are needed to prevent bone loss.

Improved Hair And Nail Health

A healthy intake of collagen will help to increase hair growth and improve the strength of your nails making it strong and alive while preventing brittleness. 

Hair growth and maintenance of its health look is very important at every stage you get to in life and collagen supplements do the magic even at an old age
There are other benefits such as; healthy weight gain and weight loss, reduced anxiety, improved brain and gut health, etc. 

Now all these benefits sound too good to be true, right? That is why over the years there has been increased doubt on the usefulness of collagen supplements. However, nutritionists have come up with certain side effects that some users might notice as a result of this collagen supplement. 

But, one thing to note is this: they’re minor side effects, that is why you need to consult your physician first to know your allergies before consuming it. 

Some of the side effects of collagen peptides includes-

Allergic Reactions

Most of the collagen supplements are gotten from aquatic animals, bovine and chicken. Indirectly this means that if you’re allergic to fish, beef or poultry you could have a reaction if you consume any collagen supplement that contains them.

That is why you need to check their labels before going for any, if not you’ll be prone to suffer from allergic reactions which could be life-threatening. Symptoms of this include; swollen tongue or skin, itching around the mouth region or where applied, nausea and abdominal pain.

It May Increase Risk Of Kidney Stones

According to a Harvard report, consuming high animal protein could lead to kidney stones because it reduces your citrate level, which is that chemical in urine that prevents the formation of stones. 

Also if you have a history of kidney stones, it is advised you take it slowly when adding collagen to your diet (5-6grams) and don’t forget to take enough water when adding collagen to your diet.

Gut Health Implications

In some clinics, gastrointestinal side effects have also been reported as a result of collagen peptides intake. 

Some of them noticed diarrhea or constipation when they took this supplement into their regular diet routine, others noticed fullness, loss of appetite or heavy stomach.

 To avoid some of these imperfections, it is advised you speak to your doctor before you start adding these supplements to your regular food routine.

It May Raise The Calcium Levels

It doesn’t do this in a healthy way, rather it leads to hypercalcemia- which is the presence of an unusually high concentration of calcium in the blood. 

You might not take notice of how your calcium level increases gradually, but there are symptoms like fatigue, nausea, bone pain and diarrhea. 

This occurs as a result of the many tablets collagen product you’ve taken from marine sources that contain high calcium. If you happen to experience this side effect, consider switching to another collagen product with little or no calcium.

High Sensitivity To Collagen Protein.

While many find themselves so lucky using this product with visible and positive results, others experience some difficulties as a result of their sensitivity to glutamic acid which is present in collagen protein.

 This goes on to cause sleepless nights and headaches because of too much intake. Consult your doctor if this symptom persists. 

Other noticeable side effects may include heartburn and a bad taste in the mouth. If you have allergies to any of these sourced proteins, ensure your collagen doesn’t contain them and be observant enough to know its sources. 

Now that you’ve understood some facts about collagen peptides, it’s left for you to decide if the good outweighs the bad, the choice is yours. But, always ensure you opt for reputable brands with clear source labels to avoid allergy issues.

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