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Is Banana a Fruit or a Berry?

A banana is a yellow-skinned, seedless fruit that makes a really easy meal. Known also by its Botanical name (Musa) it will grow well outside the tropics if given a warm position with shelter from the wind. 

The banana is definitely a fruit but is botanically a berry, and to eat it all you have to do, is to peel back the skin, making it perfect for the school lunch box.

Preparing Your Banana

Banana offers some health benefits like most fruit and berries being high in potassium and containing protein, it also has high fiber content, and it can be obtained all the year-round, it is the world’s most popular fruit.

Is Banana Healthy in the Morning?

Banana is a good thing to add to your breakfast cereal, as it contains pectin, enabling it to moderate blood sugar, and this will help to set you up for the day ahead with its lasting nutritional effects it is very good for cardiovascular health. 

All you need to do is to slice it over your cereal, you won’t need to add any sugar to it as it is a naturally sweet fruit, and the protein in the banana staves off hunger for longer.

Benefits of Banana

Banana is good for stabilizing gut bacteria and actually fights inflammation. It is said to calm an upset stomach, and mashed banana seems to work well as early solid food given to 9-month-old babies, who often suffer from wind and gripe. 

Apparently, it is the carbohydrate contained in the banana that is easily broken down soothing the stomach, and more importantly, restoring the electrolytes back to normal. 

They are a highly portable food, and really you can mostly carry one with you, as they are so very easy to carry. If you have forgotten your lunch at work, just go out and buy some bananas, two will help to sustain you through the afternoon. 

They contain a substance called inulin, a substance that stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut, and two bananas will do this very well when eaten as a part of or a total meal.

Foods that Aid Digestion

Bananas are known as natural probiotics aiding digestion because they are a source of fructooligosaccharides, promoting good bacteria to grow in the gut aiding digestion in people of all ages. 

So if you have any uncomfortable digestive symptoms, try eating two bananas a day to normalize your gut.

Banana Peels

Some people also eat banana peels, there are vegan recipes that incorporate them. The story goes that you boil the peel of a ripe banana, as it is totally edible. 

Practicing Dietician, Susie Burrell says that the skin is nutritious, and shouldn’t be wasted. Banana skins contain resistant starches which offer health benefits beyond those in the gut, by helping to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes achieved by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin. 

The skins are also a rich source of vitamin C and B6 because they are so very dense will fill you up preventing hunger. I haven’t tried them, but am considering doing so in the interests of health. 

Once you have cooked them you add them to a recipe like a banana smoothy, and they act as a bulking agent, sustaining you until the next meal. Definitely boil the skin first to make it soft enough to use. 

Other people have incorporated the boiled banana skins into a vegetarian curry to incorporate a different texture, probably similar to eggplant in taste.


Fresh Bananas

In my area, we are lucky enough to have bananas growing in sheltered positions in the garden, and once you pick a ‘hand’ of bananas and take them inside, they taste so different when fresh. There are so many ways of using them that you will never run out of ideas again.


As a food source, we never grow tired of eating bananas. All children will drink a banana smoothy, or eat a banana, even when they won’t eat anything else. 

A banana sandwich is another excellent option to mash between two slices of bread, no butter needed. Knowing that it is aiding gut health, is great information for when we feel less than 100%.

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