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the 4 Best Vitamins for Men

We all know that our bodies need vitamins to keep us healthy, and the best way to get these vitamins is through healthy eating. 

However, no matter how good our intentions are, healthy eating is hard work. 

You have to know what to eat to get the right mix of vitamins and then be able to find the right food, even if you’re on the go – all the while praying that your meal doesn’t taste like cardboard.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that many people want to know exactly what vitamins they need and how to increase their vitamin levels. However, most men don’t know which vitamins they should focus on or what to eat to get those vitamins.

Here is an overview of the best vitamins for men and how to get them without resorting to radish sandwiches three times a week. 

Vitamin A for bone growth and healthy teeth

Most people know that vitamin A can support healthy vision – that’s why our parents wanted us to eat carrots – but vitamin A gives us so much more.  

It also supports healthy bones to make us stronger, and it can help prevent balding by providing nourishment to your scalp. Additionally, Vitamin A boosts our immune systems and promotes a healthy reproductive system

Studies even show that vitamin A can help prevent lung cancer.

What to do: 

  •   Retinyl acetate, retinyl palmitate, and beta-carotene are forms of vitamin A, so   look for them on labels.
  •   Eat spinach, dairy products, bananas, salmon and liver to increase vitamin A in   your diet.

Vitamin B for a healthy heart and brain

Vitamin B complex consists of several different types of B vitamins, and each has its own set of unique benefits. 

For instance, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) boosts brain health and reduces your risk of a heart attack. 

Some people even say that men should take vitamin B9 (which is also called folate or folic acid and is prescribed for pregnant women to have a healthy baby), because vitamin B9 is thought to promote a healthy sperm count in men.

However, here are the best vitamins for men in the vitamin B family.

  •   B1 (Thiamine) for a healthy metabolism and better heart, digestive, and nervous systems.
  •   B2 (Riboflavin) to increase your energy levels and enhance your ability to produce  adrenaline when needed.
  •   B3 (Niacin) for more energy, stronger muscles, and a healthy heart.
  •   B5 (Pantothenic acid) gives you more energy, and it’s even said to increase your sex drive.
  •   B7 (Biotin) promotes a healthy nervous system and improves your metabolism.
  •   B12 (Cobalamin) supports a healthy bone structure and protects your vision.

What to do: 

  •   Eat beans, nuts, grains, oranges, and “fortified” starchy foods for more vitamin     B1.
  •   For more vitamin B2, increase lean meat, grain, and dairy products in your diet.
  •   Get more vitamin B3 by eating lean meat, seafood, beans, eggs, and milk.
  •   Liver, tuna, eggs, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes are full of vitamin B5.
  •   Vitamin B7 can be found in nuts, salmon, broccoli, and avocados. 
  •   Find vitamin B12 in fortified breakfast cereal, eggs, beef, fish, and chicken.

Vitamin C for a healthy immune system and wound healing

Vitamin C is the first vitamin that most people learn about, and we are accustomed to taking it to ward off the common cold and other infections because it protects our immune systems and our overall health.

 Most people don’t know about the many other health benefits associated with vitamin C, including providing antioxidants to help protect our bodies from inflammation and pain, strengthen our bones, keep our gums healthy, and aid in wound healing.

What to do: 

  •   Choose orange juice instead of energy drinks to give you an extra boost. 
  •   Broccoli, lemons, kale, potatoes, and peppers have abundant vitamin C.
  •   Cooking foods that are high in vitamin C can have a negative impact on their   level of nutrition, so opt   for steaming, microwaving, or eating them raw.

Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth

Men who have a vitamin D deficiency often suffer from body aches, fatigue, infections, bone fractures, and dental conditions. 

Take vitamin D to support your weight loss journey, promote a healthy immune system, decrease your risk of heart disease, and reduce anxiety. 

And most people know that vitamin D gives us strong bones, but many don’t realize what some may think are the most important benefits of them all. 

Did you know that vitamin D also gives us strong teeth and hair? Seriously, can you imagine growing old with strong teeth and healthy hair?!

What to do: 

  •   Fortified milk, eggs, spinach, and fatty fish are great sources of vitamin D.
  •   Have an active lifestyle. Getting some sun is one of the most effective ways to   increase your vitamin D. 
  •   Consult your doctor. Vitamin D deficiencies can be severe, so an over-the-       counter supplement may not increase your levels enough. 

BONUS: Choline for healthy muscles. 

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly considered a vitamin because our bodies produce it naturally. 

However, sometimes our bodies don’t produce enough of it to help us maintain a healthy heart, overcome depression, fight cancer, and avoid memory loss and certain mental disorders. 

Similar to the vitamin B family, choline promotes a healthy liver, a stronger nervous system, improved muscle movement, and better metabolism.

What to do: 

  •   Eat meat, pasta, dairy, spinach, and beets to increase choline in your diet.
  •   Talk to your doctor if you have liver or kidney issues. These are signs of a choline deficiency, which is rare but serious.

This is not a complete list of vitamins, but these are generally considered the best multivitamin for men. 

All of these vitamins are available as supplements to help you stay healthy if you don’t get enough through diet alone. 

If you feel like you may need additional vitamins even though you are already eating healthy and taking vitamin supplements, you should talk to your doctor to ensure you don’t have too much of a certain vitamin in your system or an underlying medical condition.

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