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The Reasons Why We Love Health Benefits Of Beets.

the Health Benefits of Beets

Beets are packed with vitamins and minerals, so in recent years people have begun to take notice of the health benefits of beets

However, many of us didn’t grow up eating beets, which are actually and quite weirdly called “beetroots”.

 Even people who did grow up eating beets don’t really understand why we should eat them.

So why are these things being called superfoods? Was Dwight Schrute really on to something with his beet farm?

Here are 9 benefits of beets that you’ve been missing out on if you’re not eating beets on a regular basis.

Enjoying them!

! Let’s start there. Beets are delicious. They’re naturally sweet, so you can eat them raw as a shredded or thinly sliced treat in your salad or slaw. 

You can also boil, steam, roast, juice, or even pickle them. You can eat the leaves like spinach, or even make wine! Use these recipes to find your favorite way to eat beets.

Becoming a better you

. Everyone has stress in their lives – there’s no way around that. The key is how you respond to your stress. The betaine found in beets relaxes your mind, acting as a natural way to address feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Beets have some of the same ingredients as chocolate, so they can be soothing and give you a sense of overall well-being. 

This is often said to be the reason beets are associated with the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah for the purpose of getting rid of evil forces in life.

Getting in the game!

Beets help to build your blood and make you stronger and more energetic. They are high in iron, so they’re often used as a natural way to treat fatigue and even anemia

Protecting your liver

Beets have betaine, which supports healthy liver function by detoxifying chemicals and metabolizing food in the body. 

is especially helpful for those who may or may not have been to a party or two.

Getting healthier

  • Potassium, which regulates how much fluid your body retains and controls your nerve signals,
  • Manganese, which helps you metabolize cholesterol and carbs and helps you absorb vitamins C and E,
  • Copper, which promotes a healthy immune system, creates red blood cells to distribute oxygen throughout the body, and supports energy production,
  • Phytosterols, or plant sterols, which fight the “bad” cholesterol in your blood and promote heart health,
  • Silica, which balances the bones and collagen in your body to help prevent osteoporosis,
  •  Folate, which is a B vitamin that promotes cell growth and a healthy metabolism, and
  • Protein, iron, vitamin C, magnesium, and a host of other nutrients and compounds with countless health benefits.

Fighting off your illnesses.

By eating beets, you can fight chronic inflammation resulting from heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, obesity, and cancer. 

Beets are high in fiber, so they improve your digestive health. They also have a high concentration of nitric oxide, which lowers your blood pressure to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

 As a natural cell cleanser that fights the toxins in our blood, the antioxidant properties in beets can even help prevent lung and skin cancer. 

This is perhaps the most important of all health benefits of beets – they can actually help you live longer

Looking better

 Let’s face it – no matter how good we look, we all want to look better. And if you look fabulous already, you probably want to keep looking that way for as long as possible. Beets can help you look better longer

Weight loss

Beets have very few calories, but they have fiber that makes you feel full without overeating. A cup of beets has only 60 calories, as compared to a cup of avocados,

 which has 234 calories, or a cup of mashed bananas, which has 200 calories. You can fill up on beets by eating less than one-third of the calories

Smoother skin

Wrinkles are generally the first visible sign of aging, especially since most people tend to lead stressful lives.

 Not only do beets provide hormones to help you handle your stress better, but they also have anti-inflammatory characteristics that can combat wrinkles. Beets can help you age like wine instead of milk

Feel younger

The antioxidants in beets will help reduce the impact of the wear and tear on your body that comes with aging.

 You can keep up the resiliency of your youth as beets help rejuvenate your body. So not only will you look younger, but your body will feel younger. Your knees will thank you later

Get ripped!

Beets can enhance your athletic performance by giving you energy and improving your oxygen levels during a workout. 

This allows you to work out longer to get leaner or build up your muscles – you’ll look great!

Getting better in bed

Some might say this is one of the best benefits of beets. Beets increase blood flow throughout the body, including to the most fun parts. 

Known as a ‘natural Viagra’, beets are an aphrodisiac that has boron, which is known to boost testosterone and estrogen. 

They also have tryptophan, the same ingredient that’s in chocolate, to give you an overall good feeling and enhance your libido.

Boosting your brain

Eating beets improves blood flow to your frontal lobe, which supplies oxygen to the brain. This has a positive impact on your decision-making, problem-solving, cognitive abilities, and memory. 

Also, oxygen deficiency is one of the main causes of dementia, so your family will thank you one day for the long-term effects of eating beets

It’s amazing to have all of these health benefits of beets, and they actually taste good! If you’ve not been eating beets, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, health foods store, salad bar, local farm, or even online, look for beets to get started on this journey

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